Rental Terms

1) The rental vehicles are in good condition. The customers are obliged to return them as they received them.

2) The rental vehicles are insured for material and physical damage caused to third parties.

3) In the event of an accident due to someone else’s cause, the damages are compensated by the person who caused them.

4) In the event of an accident caused by the customer, the customer is obliged to pay for the damages he has caused.

5) The customer is obliged to pay the damages, in any form of vandalism, theft of accessories.

6) The rental vehicles for one or two people, in case a customer is found with three people, the rental will be taken away from him and he will be fined 250 euros.

Μax number of people at rental vehicles is two.

In the event that a vehicle with three people is detected, the rental vehicle will be taken from the customer and a fine of 250 euros will be imposed.

7) In the event of a flat tire, the customer pays 15.00 euros for the repair.

8) In case of theft of the vehicle, the customer is responsible, and must compensate it in full

9) Traffic violations are charged to the customer.

10) Refunds are not made

11) Driving on sand or in areas without a road, on roads in bad condition (stones, potholes) and in general on impassable roads is prohibited and a fine of 250 euros is imposed.

12) Helmets are provided free of charge.

13) A charge of 70 euros will be fined if the helmet is not returned

14) Driving while intoxicated is prohibited.

15) The maximum speed limit is 50 km per hour.

Abrazo Villas

€70.00 - €80.00
20 - 70
Abrazo Villas
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